Tuesday, May 15, 2007

എന്റെ കവിത...

True beauty........

The beauty of the world is unchallengeable
While the goodness of the world is nearly nill,
How does it stay without goodness?
A trick of God I suppose.

Even if one cut down a tree
There might be others who plant for free,
I suppose………..
This is the secret of the unending beauty,
What we think is only money and pleasure,
For the animals, a single tree is a treasure.
The sound of water is so pleasant and pleasing,
But it will flood if we won’t stop this axing

A day will come ,
When all the trees are destroyed,
And animals too,
For food, we will search with immense hunger,
But we might not find any.

-Nithin Wahida Shams

age-11, Progressive English School, Sharjah